The Impact of Nutella: Exploring the Ferrero Family’s Influence on the World

“No world would be complete without Nutella”, is its famous slogan and its appreciation by people all around the globe. Many may know its creation was random and born out of necessity, while few may realize its widespread appreciation.

Following World War II, chocolate became so expensive in Italy that none could afford it. A Piedmontese pastry chef named Pietro Ferrero decided to add hazelnut cream and sugar to what little cocoa they had available, creating what he named Giandujot after Turin’s iconic mask – unaware that using hazelnuts that were readily available locally would prove such an inspired decision.

Years later, in 1951, Giandujot dough was transformed into spreadable cream known as “SuperCrema”. However, Michele Ferrero of Pietro Ferrero’s son Michele invented Nutella (from “nut” + Italian suffix “ella”) after many trials and attempts in 1964. From there it rapidly gained worldwide success, beginning in Germany before spreading across France, Australia, and beyond.

Michele Ferrero laid the groundwork for their vast heritage when, with support from Maria Franca Fissolo and in spite of postwar difficulties, he successfully established multiple plants and operating offices both domestically and abroad, quickly growing the Ferrero company into one of the leading international confectionary groups.

Ferrero first established its international operations in 1956 when its first plant abroad opened its doors in Stadtallendorf, Germany. Two years later near Milan a second facility called Pozzuola Martesana opened up near Milan and they have continued expanding with additional offices and plants worldwide.

Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero, Michele’s sons, became CEOs of their father’s company in 1997 and helped propel its remarkable rise; Forbes magazine later recognized Michele Ferrero and his family as Italy’s wealthiest person and amongst 30 globally.

On April 18th 2011, Pietro Ferrero dies from a heart attack at 47 years old and becomes ineffectual as CEO of his company, leaving Giovanni as its sole leader.

On February 14th 2015, after an extended illness, Michele Ferrero passed away at Monte Carlo at age 89. As one of the pioneers and creators of Nutella, Ferrero leaves a strong and successful family business which continues to make waves globally with Nutella as its flagship product.

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