Uncovering Noble Ancestry: Tracing the Roots of Aristocratic Lineages

My dad would show me my great grandfather’s card and tell me he was a count in Italy. This intrigued me greatly; however, it never crossed my mind to ask my grandmother any questions directly about him or anyone else related. But as more information became available and after taking my initial DNA test, I became determined to uncover who Nicola Piromallo really was and if he indeed belonged to Italian nobility; little did I realize this would lead me down an incredible ancestry road that included Kings and Queens from European countries across Europe as well as Saints and even Popes!

My initial search turned up Nicola Cte Piromallo marrying Emilia Caracciolo in 1882 according to Libro d’Oro records, matching up perfectly with my grandmother being born in 1883 and marrying Emilia Caracciolo as reported. However, I never heard this name mentioned until contacting my older cousin who lived with my grandmother as a child and confirmed this information was indeed correct. She also informed me of a famous Italian Admiral and Saint who are distant relatives according to my grandmother.

Rossi Pisquizi and Del Sole Caracciolo lines date back to 900 AD in Naples; my great grandmother belongs to Rossi line and the Princes of Avellino and Torchiarolo during Spanish rule in southern Italy, during which time these families married into Aragonese Royalty and even joined it themselves! At first when researching my ancestry I became increasingly skeptical that this really was my family; eventually though I found Emilia Caracciolo birth and death records that proved my suspicions wrong – which finally confirmed my Great grandmother status!

As for Nicola Piromallo, it took me some time to locate and verify his family tree. Again using the Libro d’Oro as Piromallo was such an uncommon name there was only ever one family listed as such – Piromallo Capece Piscicelli being their official name; unfortunately neither my great-grandfather or his father appeared anywhere on record. After much frustration and searching, I sought professional assistance. They located records for Nicola and his father that revealed my third great grandparents were Count Giacomo Piromallo of Montebello and Duchess Beatrice Capece Piscicelli as direct ancestors; Duchess Beatrice later merged their families after Giacomo died, only his heir and descendants took on these names; I could verify this with cousins I met in Italy who confirmed this information for them as well.

Both families are documented in detail within the Nobili Napoletani (Record of Naples Nobility), providing further insights into their histories. This publication gives greater insights into family histories.

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